What do we do?


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Principles of our work


Realization of the new product starts from gathering information about trends, models and materials. We collect the information on the market, fashion magazines and fashion shows.


By analyzing of gathered information we chose the products wich we want to produce and new materials we want to use in that process. Based on that, designers prepare the proposal of new collections and patterns of characteristic items.


Designers make the complete design of new products based on previous analysis and chosen collections and items. Design of the products adjusts with fashion trends and our recognizable style.


Every year we place hundreds of new items on the market. We often introduce new materials and supplement the assortment by buying the products from other suppliers in accordance with fashion trends.

Serial production of jewelry

We plan, design and produce new series and collections of jewelry every year in accordance with actual fashion trends.

Production of jewelry by order

We have potential and resources for production of jewelry by order, for special occasions even in bigger series.

Wholesale of jewelry and fashion accessories

In our sales salon we have complete assortment of our products but also of jewelry and fashion accessories purchased from global and local market so we can offer a complete pallete of products to our customers.